Finding the cofactor of a given matrix can be tedious and time consuming especially when you are taking an exams and are on a time limit.

In this article I will show you how to find the cofactor of a given matrix preferably a 3X3 matrix.

Below are the steps you must follow.

  1. Press mode on the calculator
  2. Select 6(Matrix)
  3. Select 1 (Matrix A or any other number, doesn’t really matter)
  4. Select 1 for a 3X3 matrix.
  5. Fill in your values.
  6. Press “=” and then press “AC”
  7. Select shift + 4.
  8. Press 8 for transpose.
  9. Select shift + 4 again.
  10. Press 7 for determinant.
  11. Select shift + 4 again.
  12. Then select the matrix you used either A, B or C y selecting it’s corresponding number eg(3).
  13. Close the bracket, press on the multiplication symbol “X” and select shift + 4 again.
  14. Select your original matrix again either A, b or C like you did previously.
  15. Press the inverse key on the calculator right above the log key and press “=”

And that is it. Simple and efficient way to find cofactor of a 3X3 matrix. Hope this was helpful.


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