The world as we see it can be described as the totality of all entities found in it.
But then this world don’t appear as “normal” as we supposed to see it.
The world’s made up of things we can see and things we can not see.
Hence one could say this world is a mystery.
We live in this mysterious world oblivious to certain things that goes on in it.
No one knows what God is truly thinking or the main reason this world was created.
Religion says man’s created to worship the Almighty and one day we gon join him in our real home.
We live our lives according to the rules and steps of books and history as we believe it’ll keep us on the path we supposed to roam.
But then again, take a vivid look at humanity and one’s gon realise how different we all are. Different sizes and structures all the way to our skin tone .
True, we bound by blood and that’s deeper than anything but what we fail to realise is we each born with our own state of mind.
We see things differently and hence we aint gon be able to agree on the same things.
Different realities and differences in how we each approach such realities.
“Each action we take is as a result of series of brain activities that goes on in our head which leads us to certain actions.”
We’re made to believe that each action is taken by us and we’re responsible.
But what if i said we do what we do because we are meant to do so.
The human body is a system on its own.
A system fed with a buncha instructions that controls every aspect of our being down to our cells.
Everything is perfectly joined and planned out.
Every action we take leads to a particular result which also creates another reaction leading to another results and it goes on and on until the said entity dies.
Then he or she is replaced by another entity just to keep the natural order of the world running.
We are made to believe that the environment is what influences the state of mind of a particular being.
But have you ever sat to think about how that particular environment actually came into being?
Although different mentalities, the human mind is also similar in a way.
If not then how come we see a certain individual in another person.
We see one and assume its the other cos they got the same personality or are similar in a way.
Although we different individuals, there’s a bit of similiraities which depicts that we each were made by the same creator.
And if that is so, then this proves that the whole existence of mankind has been laid down perfectly.
This world has been created as a stage for us humans.
We humans are systems that have been assigned unique roles on this large platform.
Things that happen on this stage are all meant to happen as it is the will of the creator.
Our defined path can’t be changed.
And so we each walk it no matter how much we think we’re in control.
You’re allowed to think whatever thought you wanna, but then your actions have already been decided.
We think certain thoughts, but then one way or the other we’re not able to do so due to some external influences. Then again we think certain thoughts and we do exactly that.
The human mind is made to think of several possibilities and actions to be taken, but the human body is what influences the natural order of the world and hence you’ll do what you have been made to do.
It could end up as what you wanted but it could also go the opposite.
However you gon take this result has also been planned out and it goes on and on.
No one escapes these laid out instructions.
We each have a purpose we gotta fulfil, and no matter how critical or painful and no matter how joyful and easy your path is. Its what you’ve been made to walk and you’ll walk it diligently as you should.
Humans are mere systems on a large stage doing the bidding of our creator.
We all walk this path oblivious to what this purpose actually is.
No one knows the future and this satisfies the very meaning of life.
As creations, we’re nothing without our creator, hence whatever we do and whom ever we believe in is as a result of the creator’s instructions.
Whatever pain we may endure, its all according to him, and whatever happy feelings we feel is also due to him.
He is the begining and the end, He created darkness and the light. Whatever He does is absolute and hence His reasoning can’t be understood. No mere human will be able to comprehend our creator’s level of reasoning.
And when the time’s up for the creator to call on you. You will go.
When the door to the final destination opens for you.
When you feel your consciousness drift away from you as you draw your last breath. There your purpose will have come to an end and whatever it is you did in life until then will have been your mission.
It is then you shall know whether u led the right life or you were mistaken your whole life.


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