What gets you waking up in the morning
Why do you think you’re struggling at what you’re doing
When the situation gets tough, what do you do about it?
Probably sit and blame almost everything that’s ever led to it
Or do you think things would get better and so you go harder
Never giving up at your quest to achieve greatness.

Gaze high above the clouds
Gaze farther into situations that will make you proud
See yourself doing exactly what you dream of before you even start to walk that path
If you dont see it, then you have no clear vision on how to do it
Living life is an art
An art where you’re the artist
You walk on this huge canvas of a world
And with every step, you make a mark on it
Billions of marks that would eventually lead to a bigger picture when you die
A picture that will tell the world what exactly you did and how you led your life.

What are humans without a purpose
Almost everyone has something they’d like to achieve
But without a purpose, one likes everything and at the same time likes nothing
Within is a deep void of emotional turmoils, which gradually eats at you like a virus
Without a purpose, one is easily influenced to various sides of the world
One feels no zeal towards anything and hence just exists.
Gaze deeper
See what you really want.
See what makes you happy.
Even if it’s ridiculous to others, as long as you find peace in that, who cares?
We each have our own pictures to draw on this huge canvas.
And leaving your own blank may be a mission failed.

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