What’s your take on righteousness?
Is it an act conforming to the words in a holy book of a particular religious group?
Or would you say it is any act that tends to make people happy?

What’s your take on sin?
Would you say it’s an act that goes contrary to the words in a holy book of a particular group?
Or is it any act that hurts other people.

Then what if by following the words in this particular book one ends up hurting another in the process?
Would that be a sin or would you term that as righteousness?

As it stands there are millions of people in this world.
And we all have our very own opinions or takes on certain instructions.
Different explanations lead to varied actions.
Hence in some cases what you deem as unrighteous in your eyes would have been the very thing that saved another person.

We shouldn’t be too quick to judge others when we havent even asked about their reasoning.
As there are reasons why people do whatever they do.
Let’s love one another as much as we can and leave the judgement for the one who created us.

We are all different, hence we all can’t act the same.
So if you find one whose actions are in sync with yours. Then you can decide to ask for the name.
And Leave the other ones who are different from you to also find their own people.

Why hate on someone because he or she is different?
Why dislike someone because he or she doesn’t believe in what you believe?
Why rebuke someone because he or she decided not to follow your path?

We all have different paths.
We were all created for different reasons.
We all have different roles to play here.
And we all have different ways we shall leave this earth.
Instead of hating on someone who is different.
Use that to improve and focus on your path and walk it as well as you can.

It is clear we are all humans.
But we are not the same.
We may bleed the same blood.
But we are not the same.
We may have been made from the same material.
But we are not the same.

Walk your path as well as you possibly can.
And when you meet people on your path.
Help in anyway you can.
As it stands now.
This world wont last forever.
Some leave here old and others leave here even younger.

As sad as it may. It was meant to happen.
Therefore whatever happens, keep walking.
And leave everything to the Almighty.

Walk in a way that is truthful to yourself
Walk in a way that you won’t regret when you look back
Walk in a way that sends positivity wherever you are

In whatever you do
Ask yourself if it’s worth it
Then ask youself if its selfish
Put your needs first
But don’t do it at the cost of someone else

Walk but walk truthly in the light.
And that is what i deem true righteousness.

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