Almost every movie ends with the main character’s win,

We wish we could be like them, conquer our foes with a grin.

They have it all under control, never in despair,

Finding a way out, it’s just not fair!

No matter how tough, they summon their will,

Attacking enemies, with guts and skill.

They fight, wound, burn, stab, and choke,

Never backing down, they’re always woke!

But wait, they’re actors, it’s all for show,

Living like them as students, no, no, no!

Or maybe it’s not, could it be true?

We learn to get stronger, just like they do.

Facing tests and quizzes, it’s a daily fight,

Pushing boundaries, day and night.

Struggling to get smarter, wiser too,

Just like those characters we always knew.

They lose sometimes, but they never quit,

They come back stronger, bit by bit.

Their lives are at stake, loved ones lost,

Betrayed and laughed at, no matter the cost.

But they never stop, they keep pushing on,

Until their goal is finally won.

As students, we face setbacks too,

Embarrassing, distasteful, but we push through.

Some drop out, but not us,

We keep going, without a fuss.

Linking our lives to those on the screen,

Hoping for a future that’s bright and keen.

Just like their movies, our lives unfold,

With struggles, challenges, stories untold.

So don’t give up, keep pushing ahead,

With resilience and determination, you’ll be ahead.

Our lives, like a movie, may seem long,

But we can make it, we are strong.

So keep the faith, and never fear,

Like those main characters, victory is near!

So, let’s keep fighting, day by day,

In our own epic, student-way.

With perseverance, we’ll achieve our aim,

And in the end, we’ll celebrate our own fame!

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